Welcome to Taizhou Tianrui Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.!
Position:About us

Taizhou Tianrui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is established in 2005, engaging in the production and sale of APIs and their intermediates. It is located in the east coast of Zhejiang province, named Taizhou city, which is well known as raw chemicals production base at national level. 

Our company is currently holding stocks of three production factories that specialized in Anti-tuberculous, Anti-hypertensive, Anti-hyperlipidemic, Anti-bacterial, and Vitamin derivatives APIs and their intermediates productions. With our own import and export license, we are able to provide products complying with GMP and ISO9001.

We have obtained several innovative and modified production skills from the   cooperation with reputable clients and universities for years. Now we are able to produce high quality of APIs and their intermediates, such as Ivermectin, Eprinomectin, Rifaximin, Sodium Stearyl Fumarate, Irbesartan, Valsartan, R-2-Amino-1-Butanol etc. We have now received favorable reception from local and global customers by providing stable quality of products and our honesty, thus we have maintain a very strong role in the market. Some of our main products’ production skills are ranked highly among other companies, and we have even registered copyrights on them.


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